Ko. Machiyama
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Ko. Machiyama
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When we discovered a treasured list of Japan’s top illustrators and saw the work by Ko. Machiyama we just had to track him down and bring his work to Australia. Not only noted for being one of Japan’s top illustrators, Ko. has also been awarded for being in the top 200 of Austria’s best illustrators, among a long list of noted awards globally. It is beautiful work with the heritage of Japan coming through, but in a modern twist. This work is fresh and a new take on classic craft. Ko.’s work has been seen representing major brands such as Daimaru, Emirates, Tokyo National Museum, bolabo.lab, LG Japan, American Home Direct, and a very long list of many other Japanese brands. It is exciting to bring this work to Australia and to imagine the possibilities to bring these techniques to life.



2017 New Fashion Illustration (China)
2015 Animal Graphics(China)
2014 Illustrative Branding (Hong Kong, China)
The 3×3 Illustration Annual No.11, Honorable Mention(USA) 2012 NIKKEI newspaper (Japan)
Fashion illustration FILE 2012 (Japan)
ILLUST NOTE No.22(Japan)
2011 Rooms Magazine Issue 07(London) Fashion illustration FILE 2011 (Japan)
Cutting edge illustration (Germany)
2010 200 Best Illustrators (Austria)
2009 “IRATU” Illustration competition selected (Japan)