Mads Berg
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Mads Berg
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Based in Copenhagen, Mads Berg is widely known for his modern art deco style and vintage graphics. His main fields of illustration are posters, brand illustrations, key visuals, editorial illustrations, cover art and murals. The illustrations are characterized by a style which translates classic poster art into a modern and timeless look. His pared back environments provide an elegant simplicity that delivers a concise narrative message. Mads has been working as an illustrator and designer since 2001 and has collaborated with numerous multinational clients such as Coca Cola, Orangina, San Diego Zoo, Lego, Monocle and Wired.

Mads graduated from the Danish Design School in 2001, and since then, he has been working independently as an illustrator. Occasionally working as a lecturer at design schools. Several times member of the jury, awarding the best in Swedish and Norwegian Contemporary Illustration. In 2010 he won the “Best Danish Children’s Comic” prize and in 2009 he won the Danish Design Prize. Mads’ poster art is represented at the Danish National Design Archives at the Design Museum. Mads also designs park maps for world famous amusement parks.

Nordic Children’s Books Illustrations (IBBY):
Copenhagen Town Hall, Denmark, 2008On The Draw:
Madrid, Spain 2014
London, UK 2014
Torino, Italy 2014Mads Berg (solo exhibition):
Montreal, Canada, 2015New Nordic Fashion Illustrations:
Tallin, Estonia, 2015
Tbilisi, Georgia, 2015Dansk Design Nu:
Design Museum Danmark, Denmark, 2015
Munich, Germany, 2017