Marianne Karlsen
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Marianne Karlsen
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Marianne Karlsen is an illustrator/ oil-painter based in Norway working mainly with pen, pencil and oil. Marianne’s work makes reference to early children’s illustrations an often uses a range of new and vintage photographs as points of reference, combining and reworking them to create a unique image of her own. Marianne has a particular affinity for the natural world and it’s beauty. Some of her work is close to photo-realistic. Marianne’s main interest is in creating a sense of mood and atmosphere; which she achieves like poetry. Clients are many, including luxury brand Hermes. Marianne works with a range if formats from commercial art used in ads or fashion-illustrations, to storyboards and huge wall paintings. We feel relaxed just being around this work.

Marianne Karlsen has a particular affinity for the natural world and it’s beauty. Her basic instinct is to create a certain sense of mood and atmosphere, which as with poetry, there is a world of meaning in between the lines. Karlsen is the master of many techniques and is ruthless in playing with textures. Mixing the immiscible oil and water, tearing up paper, using texture from stone with pencil drawing, ball pen on wood: all of which combined with an effortless sense of elegance.

Marianne Karlsen has done quite a bit of editorial work in lifestyle and fashion magazines, worked with key accounts is advertising agencies, done permanent exhibitions with UNESCO, and fashion illustrations for Hermès. She reminds us that she has done simple illustrations for local clients as well, and that no one should be intimidated to get in touch.